Comprehensive service. From concept to shipping.


Your Branding Is The Face Of Your Business.

It shouldn’t just tell people what you do: it should represent the people behind the business, showing the world who you are and why you are great.

It is one of the most powerful ways you can communicate with your customers: it fosters their confidence in your services and draws in new customers to support your growth.

At Promo Gear, we know how important branding is to your business’s success. That’s why we’ve developed strategies to help you project your image the way you want to be seen, whether it’s with a year-long promotional campaign or a single product with a big impact.

We’re also invested in personal service. That’s why we offer a range of benefits with our vast range of promotional materials, including onsite visits from our expert sales team, specialist advice, and storage solutions.

business marketing and rebranding expert working on her laptop

We Offer Flexible Storage & Distribution Options

At Promo Gear, we distribute nationally and internationally. We offer flexible options, including breaking down bulk orders and delivering items personally or to state offices; comprehensive storage and inventory management, where we can protect your inventory and replenish your stock levels as required; and an online portal system for fast, easy and convenient ordering.

We Offer Comprehensive Marketing & Rebranding Services

We can provide personal consultation services, where we tailor branding solutions and marketing strategies to your business image and unique selling propositions. We offer advice on colour, designs, and printing techniques, and can work with your design team to develop thorough style guidelines for consistency across your branding and promotional material.

We Support Council & Government with Procurement Services

At Promo Gear, we have supported a variety of Councils, Governments, and Government initiatives. From ongoing Government contracts for official campaigns to large-scale events, like the Commonwealth Games — we have the experience to fulfil your promotional product requirements.

We're Product Specialists

We work with your existing marketing team to offer advice on appropriate product solutions for the goals you want to achieve. We audit all our products to ensure they are safe and functional, offer advice on potential product avenues that haven’t been explored, and deliver premium products and services at competitive prices.