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Our Process

Wondering how it works?

The Promo Gear Process

The process of finding a promotional product partner, selecting the right products for your campaign, and then distributing them as part of your campaign can be really overwhelming. The team at Promo Gear gets it.

We take the same approach to streamlining the process and eliminating that stress for you every time, whether it is for five products or five thousand.

Talk to a Specialist

The very first step is talking to a product specialist. We will book a consultation with you, either over the phone or in person, so we can run through your campaign goals and your specific requirements, and offer you our tailored recommendations.

We get to know your organisation first, whether you are a small business or multinational company

At Promo Gear, we believe it is essential to understand our client and their clients before we provide recommendations. We need to get the target audience, and we need to understand the goal behind the products, so we can recommend the very best to actually achieve those goals.

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Proposal or Tender

Once your product specialist has gained a full understanding of your campaign, we will provide a custom proposal or a tender. The Promo Gear team has worked with various businesses, from small businesses to large enterprises, multinational companies, and government departments, allowing us to cross all the Ts and dot all the Is for your requirements. The Promo Gear team is experienced in handling million-dollar orders for all kinds of corporations.

Artwork Spec & Approval

Our product design team will get to work, creating mockups that allow you to visualise your product exactly as it will appear. This gives you the chance to provide feedback and ensure it is what you are looking for before you provide approval. Our approval process is essential for million-dollar orders and high-profile events where it is essential we get it right the first time.

View product samples with your production manager

You and your dedicated production manager will view your product samples together. As you view your products, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have, and your production manager will be able to offer you any tailored advice you might need.

Warehousing for companies small & large

We will store your promotional materials, ready to go, in our warehouse. You can opt for an inventory portal, so your team can log on and order new products at any time. We will save you the hassle of storing and distribution, by taking it on for you.

Dispatch & Delivery, here or across the globe

Whether it is a once-off order or you have ordered directly from your inventory portal, we will handle the dispatch and delivery. If you are local to South East Queensland, our very own Promo Gear delivery driver will deliver your products himself. If you are outside of South East Queensland, or anywhere else in the world, do not stress – we only partner with the best in freight.

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

At every stage along the way, we check for quality. In fact, the Promo Gear Office Manager, Stephanie, oversees it all. From the conception stage to the artwork specification and through to the sample print, Stephanie will continuously check your products for quality, in line with our commitment to you.

Any time you need a top-up? Check your inventory & order

When you partner with Promo Gear, you can opt to take on your very own inventory. This basically creates an online store that you and your team can log onto at any time. You will get to see all the product stock we are holding in our warehouse at a glance and order directly from the website.

Wondering what Promo Gear is capable of?

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