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We're The Product Specialists

Your business is unique; it has its own personality and style, a specific target audience, market and selling proposition. The promotional products you choose for your marketing campaigns should reflect and enhance this distinctive identity, complementing your business image and function.

At Promo Gear, we are product specialists. We don’t just take any product and brand it with your logo: we recommend products that complement your brand and your purpose, offering concepts and advice within your budget and scope. 

We also know everything there is to know about the products themselves and take care to ensure they are functional and right for your campaign or event.

Product Specialists at work in a group meeting looking at a laptop

Unique Products & Concepts

We think outside the square, tailoring solutions to meet your promotional goals. But we go beyond this, brainstorming and exploring unique options you might not have considered. Don’t waste time and effort simply replicating your competitors’ products. Let us help you and we will generate unique concepts to suit your target market and messaging.

We're Focused On Quality & Function

At Promo Gear, we offer quality products from reputable suppliers. We do the research and testing to make sure our products do what they are designed to do before we offer them as solutions. We also identify potential risks and hazards to ensure products are fit for purpose and suitable for the intended recipient.

We Offer Premium Services

We are big believers in high-quality service. We go the extra mile with our artwork development services and final product checks as part of our internal quality control processes. We believe in forging mutually beneficial professional relationships and being rewarded for loyalty, which is why we offer premium services to our long-term clients.

We Don't Charge Premium Prices

We are committed to premium service. Part of the Promo Gear difference is delivering it without a premium price tag: we don’t cost more than our competitors, but we offer much more—which is our unique selling point. We also offer all-inclusive pricing so you know from the start exactly what you’re paying.