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Our Ethics

Products backed by ethical sourcing

Promo Gear understands we have a duty to our surrounding environment, our team, and you and your team when it comes to the ethics of our products. When you partner with us for your promotional products, we can ensure ethical sourcing in every sense of the word.

Promo Gear has proven success in ethically sourcing merchandise orders of up to $1 million in value

When we say ethical sourcing, we mean it

Some companies promise ethical sourcing when they are only really hitting one portion of what it means to be ethical. We don’t just promise good working conditions for our team and supply chain or just ensure sustainable materials. 

We have several marks to hit when it comes to the ethics of our products.

Our suppliers adhere to our policies & legal requirements

First and foremost, our suppliers are required to comply with our policies and our legal requirements. This ensures accountability in our supply chain and allows us to promise our customers an ethical product.

Sustainable materials used

We care about sustainability, and we know it is becoming an increasingly important factor in products across the globe. We use materials that are sourced from renewable sources – such as timber, bamboo, and cotton. Our team only sources these materials from plantations that work to replace the materials they have harvested.

All labour is safe and ethical

Whether it is for our team or within our supply chain, we only take on suppliers with safe and ethical labour. That means no child labour, no forced labour, and no harsh or inhumane treatment of employees.

Good working conditions & freedom of association

For both our team and the teams of our suppliers and subcontractors, good working conditions are imperative. That means safe and hygienic workplaces, no excessive working hours, and freedom of association is respected.

Subcontracting & Supply Chain

It is important to us that we do not support suppliers who appear as ethical companies, but subcontract to less ethical teams. We ensure every stage of our supply chain follows our ethical guidelines.

Wondering what Promo Gear is capable of?

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