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Invested in Branding Solutions

The face of your business is just as important as being good at what you do. Brand recognition is one of the most important ways to draw attention to your unique skills and selling propositions.

That is why the Promo Gear team is so heavily invested in developing branding solutions and marketing strategies that are right for your business. Whether you’re revamping a tired image to stay ahead of your competitors, or you’re searching for new ways to connect with your customers, we can help you develop your business image into a beacon for your industry. 

We have our own in-house Marketing and Design Manager for all your creative design requirements.

Marketing & Rebranding specialists at work around a table, collaborating on a project

We Are Your Branded Merchandise Partner

We are not just product suppliers, we’re product and branding specialists—innovative people who can think outside the box to develop customised solutions for your business needs. We don’t cost more than anyone else, but we’re experts in the field and offer more personalised service and consultation to get your branding right.

We Tailor Branding Solutions To Your Business Needs

Not all products suit all businesses. At Promo Gear, we help you play to your business' strengths: we have got the branding solutions and marketing strategies to project the right image for the face of your brand, delivering a perfect mix of professionalism and personality with your promotional products.

We Can Work With Your Marketing Team

At Promo Gear, we can give you what’s missing from your existing marketing strategies and campaigns. Whether you need intensive assistance to develop your brand image and launch new programs or you’re just looking for the right promotional products to complement your winning formula, we will help you get it right.

Helping You Develop A Consistent Style

Consistency is essential for good branding. We work closely with design and marketing teams to recommend the right products, colours, and printing techniques for your brand. We can help you achieve a consistent and professional style across all your merchandise, and develop comprehensive style guidelines for all future programs.