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10 Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas for Employees & Clients

As the festive season nears, many businesses struggle with the challenge of choosing the perfect corporate Christmas gifts.

Whether it’s gifts for your employees or for your clients, it can be hard to find the right corporate gift ideas that are within budget and that match your brand personality.

But that’s where we come in at Promo Gear. We understand the significance of the gestures of giving gifts and how important it is to nail those business gift ideas. Not only do gifts for your employees and clients communicate gratitude, but they also solidify business relationships, and strengthen team culture and they way your employees feel valued by you.

At Promo Gear, we’ve been supporting brands in their promotional campaigns and custom branded gear for years, and we have a broad perspective on business gift ideas.

We cater to a wide range of sectors, including government, university & education, mining & resources, finance, and healthcare and can help you with the perfect promotional gift ideas for your business.

We’ve used our expertise in promotional items, custom products and branded gifts to put together this list of the top 10 corporate Christmas gift ideas that are bound to leave a lasting (positive) impression.

Our top 10 corporate Christmas gift ideas

These are top business gift ideas for your corporate Christmas gifts.

  1. Customised tech gadgets
  2. Branded apparel
  3. Drinkware (complete with your branding)
  4. Customised stationery & books
  5. Unique branded products
  6. Functional items
  7. Desk accessories
  8. Games, toys and novelty items
  9. Bags, luggage & travel items
  10. Eco-friendly products

Bonus corporate gift idea: when in doubt, pair your promotional gift ideas with a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates.

We’ll delve into each gift idea with more specific suggestions and reasons the idea is great for a corporate gift within this article. But first, for those who would rather browse through corporate gift products by budget…

Need a quick solution that meets your budget? Look through our catalogue of corporate Christmas gifts by spend

We get it: sometimes time pressures mean that you don’t have much time to sit down and consider the pros and cons of each option, you just want to be able to look through a catalogue of business gift ideas and examples, pick one that resonates with you, and be able to immediately and easily order that item through a trusted source.

At Promo Gear, we make it easy to get your promotional gift ideas and corporate Christmas gifts for employees and clients sorted quickly and easily. You can browse our full product range online to find your perfect fit, or flick through our Christmas 2023 Corporate gift guides by budget category.

When you find one you like, it’s easy, quick and efficient to place your order through us. Just contact us with any questions or requirements you have, and we’ll get your order happening. Our promotional products are high quality and have been used by some of the biggest brands and corporate names in Australia.

Corporate gift ideas by budget

Our 2023 Christmas catalogues of corporate gifts are sorted based on budget:

Under $15, $15-$20, $20-$30, $30-$40,$40-$60 and over $60.

Promotional gift ideas under $15

Looking for corporate Christmas gifts under $15? It’s easier than you may think. We have plenty of great options for low budget corporate gifting, without sacrificing on quality.

Browse through our Christmas 2023 catalogue of corporate gifts under $15.

Gift ideas between $15-$20

Looking for the best corporate gifts under $20?

Check out our Christmas 2023 catalogue of business gifts from $15-$20.

Corporate gift ideas between $20-$30

If you’re working with a budget of $20-$30 per gift recipient, we have plenty of options to suit.

Browse our 2023 Christmas catalogue of popular corporate gifts between $20-$30.

Business giftS between $30-$40

Looking for the best corporate gifts for your budget of $30-$40? We’ve got you.

Check out our Christmas catalogue of promotional corporate gifts from $30-$40.

Promotional business gift ideas from $40-$60

If your budget for corporate gifts is between $40-$60 per person, we have a range of quality corporate gift ideas in our catalogue.

Find your perfect corporate gifts in our catalogue of corporate Christmas gifts between $40 and $60.

Corporate gifts over $60

Looking for a thoughtful corporate gift for your employees or clients and happy to spend a bit for them?

Browse through our 2023 Christmas catalogue of high quality gift ideas over $60.

Our top 10 corporate Christmas gift ideas explained

Now that we’ve outlined the top 10 corporate gift ideas for employee gifts and client gifts, let’s take a look at some more specific suggestions for each category and what makes each of these business gift ideas a good one.

Customised tech gadgets

Technology always wins.

In today’s digital world, there’s no denying the allure of tech gadgets. Whether it’s the young intern or the seasoned CEO, everyone appreciates the sleek touch of modern technology.

Consider how inconvenient it is when your phone dies in the middle of an important call, or when you’re out and about. Or how often we use headphones to focus in the office.

Gifting gadgets like USBs, headphones, power banks and even normal phone chargers isn’t just practical; it demonstrates that you’re in tune with modern needs.

Now, imagine these gadgets branded with your company’s logo. Every time someone charges their phone or listens to a song, they’re reminded of your brand’s thoughtfulness. That moment of relief when you give your phone that much-needed boost or find a USB to copy documents across; that’s a feeling you want to be associated with.

Ideas for tech gadgets:

Think USBs, powerbanks, headphones, and charging cables – items that everyone uses and appreciates.

In today’s digital age, these make for perfect corporate gift ideas, combining utility with style.

The best tech gadget corporate gifting strategy is to add your branding or logo to these items; you can have your logo, your slogan, or a witty line added to the tech product so that your thoughtful gift doubles as a great promotional item.

Shop our custom tech product gifts today and add your branding.

Branded apparel

Clothing is more than just fabric; it’s an expression, a statement. When you gift branded apparel, you’re not just giving a wearable item; you’re sharing a part of your company’s identity.

Picture this: an employee wearing your branded cap during a weekend outing or a client sporting your logo on a t-shirt during a casual Friday at the office. The exposure is organic, genuine, and far-reaching.

Additionally, the variety of options available ensures that there’s something fitting for every occasion, and every brand personality, be it a formal shirt for that big presentation or a cosy jumper for the colder months. If your office has powerful air conditioning that some team members find quite cold, company logo printed hoodies are the perfect corporate gift that combines thoughtfulness with branding.

The best part? Every time they wear it, they’re indirectly endorsing your brand, acting as ambassadors in their own right.

How about a cosy, high-quality winter sweater or a stylish cap with your company’s logo? Apparel always makes a thoughtful and functional gift.

Ideas for branded clothing and apparel:

Hats and caps, shirts, jumpers and hoodies, beanies, and scarves are all great gift ideas for your employees and even your clients. Pair your branded apparel gift with a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates to make the gift feel extra special.

Shop our high quality products in the custom branded apparel category.

Drinkware (complete with your branding)

Here’s a universal truth: Everyone drinks something. It could be the morning coffee ritual, the hydrating water sip throughout the day, or the evening herbal tea.

Drinkware, therefore, finds its place in our daily routines, making it an ideal gift and one of the most popular corporate gifts in most industries. But there’s more to it than just utility.

Think of the conversations around the water cooler or the coffee machine chats. A branded mug or bottle can often be a conversation starter, subtly boosting brand visibility. Custom branded drinkware keeps your brand and business front-of-mind. The next time they need what you offer, they’ll be much more likely to call on you. If you’ve ever looked at a promotional fridge magnet from an electrician and thought; ‘I must get someone in to look at my light switches’, (or similar) you’ll know first-hand it works.

Ideas for drinkware gifts for your employee and client gifts:

The options are aplenty – elegant tumblers, quirky coffee mugs, custom branded water bottles, or even state-of-the-art insulated flasks, custom branded wine and spirit glasses. These are high quality gift options that can incorporate your brand logo or company name.

Your business clients will appreciate the practicality of the gift, and each sip becomes a gentle nod to the brand that provided the vessel.

We have many options, from custom coffee mug gifts to wine glasses, to high quality thermal insulated drink bottle products that keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for longer. Shop our custom drinkware gifts to find your perfect gift.

Custom branded stationery & books

Nothing screams professionalism more than a branded stationery set. It’s a classic among business gift ideas that resonates with everyone, from corporate customers and VIP clients to employees and management.

Stationery might seem mundane, but there’s a certain charm in a beautifully crafted pen or a well-designed diary. The trick to making custom branded stationery, diaries and calendars a great gift is picking a quality option.

These everyday items can garner a lot of appreciation because of their constant utility. Gifting customised stationery becomes a way of being a part of someone’s daily routine. The added advantage? When this stationery is branded, it’s not just a pen or a diary; it’s a daily advertisement for your brand.

Shop stationery gifts.

Ideas for stationery gifts with your company’s branding

Think business card holders, calendars to mark important dates, custom branded diaries and notebooks, branded high quality pens and other office accessories. These promotional products make great gifts, particularly when a few items are put together into a gift box. Pair these with a personalised mug or glass and you’ve got a complete branded gift set.

Unique branded products

Some of the best gift ideas are the most unique ideas. In a world full of standard corporate gifts, dare to stand out with unique branded products. The trick to nailing unique corporate gift ideas is in thinking outside the box. It can be something fun, quirky, or just based around fun.

At Promo Gear, we have a range of unique corporate gift ideas perfect for your corporate gifting for Christmas. When it comes to unique branded gifts, what makes them even more special is the surprise element. They aren’t the typical corporate gift, making them memorable and cherished.

If your unique branded products are gifts for clients, with your brand’s logo gracefully imprinted on them, they serve as constant reminders of a company that thinks outside the box.

If your unique corporate gift ideas are for employee appreciation, they’ll help promote team culture and show your employees that you care about them.

Unique corporate gift ideas for branded products

Golf accessories for the enthusiast, plush towels for the homebody, picnic sets or even keyrings and automotive accessories for the car lover – these are all great unique corporate gift ideas.

We have a huge range of unique corporate gifts for your VIP clients and customers. Browse through your options on our website.

Functional items

Let’s face it; we all love gifts we can use. That’s the beauty of functional items.

Useful tools and branded workwear for the on-field professional, branded umbrellas to stay dry on rainy days or stationary for the office guru – these gifts seamlessly integrate into daily routines and add convenience.

While functional branded gifts serve their primary function, they also subtly endorse your brand, making it a part of everyday life. It’s this blend of practicality and brand promotion that makes functional items a winning choice for corporate gifting.

Functional item ideas for corporate gifting:

Some of the best corporate gift ideas for functional items, branded with company logo or name are things like umbrellas, tools like measuring tapes, multi-tools, rulers, torches and magnifiers, PPE, branded face masks and more. Think anything that serves a purpose and makes your clients’ or employees’ lives easier.

Shop our range of custom promotional gifts and custom branded tool gifts today.

Desk accessories

Elevate your employees’ or clients’ desk game with branded mouse pads, paperweights, or desktop organisers. It’s a subtle yet effective way of keeping your brand within their sight.

The workspace, whether at home or office, is a sanctuary for many. It’s where ideas are born, decisions are made, and goals are achieved. Gifting desk accessories is a gesture that says you value and respect their professional space.

Desk accessory corporate gifting ideas:

Stress balls for those intense moments, clocks to manage time, or even sports & fitness gear for those much-needed breaks – each item adds character to the desk. And with your brand’s logo on them, it’s a daily endorsement, always in sight and always reminding them of your presence.

Shop our custom branded business gifts today. We have a huge range of desk accessory gifts to choose from.

Games, toys and novelty items

Some of the favourite corporate gift ideas among gift recipients are those that provide fun or novelty.

Work can be intense, and everyone needs a break. That’s where games, toys, and novelties come in. These aren’t just distractions; they’re tools for relaxation, creativity, and sometimes, team-building. A board game can become the highlight of a Friday evening, a puzzle can become a team project, and a novelty toy can become the mascot. Infusing fun into the corporate environment has always been a winner, and when these items carry your brand, it’s not just fun; it’s branded fun.

Ideas for fun corporate gifts:

Looking for the right corporate gifts that implement fun and novelty? Here are some fun corporate gift ideas for your business gifts this Christmas:

There are so many fun ideas, but you can choose from custom branded sports items like footballs, golf accessories, sports bags, sports and fitness equipment, games and puzzles, frisbees, and even gardening seed kits. Each of these fun ideas make for great holiday gifts and can be combined together into a gift box to make the best customised corporate gift sets (complete with your brand logo).

Shop a range of fun and unique corporate gift ideas here.

Bags, luggage & travel items

Travel items resonate with everyone, from the daily commuter to the frequent flyer. A tote bag for the quick grocery run, a travel wallet for the overseas conference, or even a backpack for the weekend getaway – these are items that find use in multiple scenarios. Gifting such items is a testament that you understand and cater to diverse needs. When branded, these items carry your logo far and wide, making your brand a part of many journeys.

Ideas for your corporate gifting:

For those always on the go, think of luggage tags, travel wallets, or passport covers for your corporate gifting. These promotional gift ideas are both chic and functional.

Shop branded items for travel and luggage.

Eco-friendly products and reusable items

The world is becoming increasingly conscious of sustainability, and eco-friendly products are more than just a trend; they’re a statement. They reflect responsibility, care, and a forward-looking mindset. Whether it’s reusable bags that reduce plastic waste, bamboo cutlery that replaces disposable ones, or recycled notebooks that save trees, each product carries a message. And when this message is coupled with your brand’s logo, it becomes a powerful testament to your company’s values.

Eco-friendly gift ideas for corporate gifting

Show you care for the planet by gifting branded reusable water bottles, coffee cups, or tote bags. You can also choose to gift eco bags, eco desk accessories (like eco pencils and sharpeners), eco notebooks, eco tech accessories and hats (made from sustainable products), and eco-friendly bamboo or wooden cutlery sets and straws. These corporate gifts are not just great corporate Christmas gifts and unique holiday gifts, but also a statement of your company’s values.

Shop eco-friendly promotional corporate gifts.

Your corporate Christmas gifts are sorted with Promo Gear

Located in Morningside, Brisbane QLD, our office may be local, but our reach is Australia-wide. For those businesses located within a 30km radius of our office, remember we’re just a stone’s throw away and always ready to assist.

While Christmas is a time of joy and giving, it’s also an opportunity for businesses to strengthen their relationships. And with the right corporate Christmas gifts, you can ensure your gesture is both memorable and impactful.

Remember, at Promo Gear, we’re more than just a promotional gear company. We’re a partner in your journey towards achieving better promotional outcomes.

Browse our full range of corporate gifts today to find the very best in gift giving ideas for your employees and corporate clients, complete with your company logo or brand message.

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