At Promo Gear, we’re proud to be a philanthropic organisation. We care about the welfare of people in our local community, and we believe in sharing what we have to create new opportunities to improve their lives.

We’re Brisbane locals. From humble beginnings ourselves, we’ve seen what the support of community can do, so we’re pleased to be able to give back to the community that’s helped us succeed. Whether it’s through charitable donations, sponsoring local sporting clubs and children’s events, donating fundraising prizes, collaborating with other businesses to provide discounted products and services, or simply ensuring we act honourably and ethically in all we do, we’re committed to helping our community thrive and grow into the future.

We support local charities

We’re invested in supporting our local community over the long term. We maintain a community support budget to provide continuous financial support to local organisations and charities that are near and dear to our hearts. Some of our beneficiaries include Orange Sky Laundry, Brisbane Catholic Education, The Wesley Mission, Giveability, and Aspley Rugby League Club.

We support community endeavours

At Promo Gear, we believe that supporting our community isn’t just about financial donations: it’s about supporting local endeavours and participating alongside our friends to achieve a common goal. From local community celebrations, to large scale national and international events, we’re proud to support our peers.

We provide reduced-cost services

Besides upholding our commitment to fair pricing across the board, we also believe in sharing our skills and resources with those who need a bit of extra help. We participate in co-branded projects where we donate our products or labour for a good cause, and we support smaller businesses with free or reduced-cost services.

We believe in sharing opportunities

We believe in a hand up. We choose beneficiaries who help to create opportunities for those who need it, whether it’s through providing education, employment and training, providing business and commercial services, or by supporting sport and other health and wellness programs.


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